What can mustachianism do for you?

This is a great video summary of mustachianism.

This is how I see it fitting into medicine.

1. To be rich, by that I mean financially free of debt and able to practice medicine for the joy of it, not just as another job. Mustachianism will help you get your spending under control and help you focus your little workers ($) on reaching financial freedom.

2. To be happy, we have worked so hard and sacrificed our youth and sometimes even relationships for our profession. It is important for us to learn how to balance medicine and the rest of the life. Mustachianism helps you evaluate what makes you happy, most often, it is not material possessions.

3. To make the world a better place. Part of this is cutting down waste so we can really focus our energy on making a longer lasting impact on society and in our relationships with others. Mustachianism helps you focus on the altruistic reasons you went into medicine.

What do you think?


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