A Review of Financial Concepts I: Methods, Formulas, and Exercises

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Gaston Acosta’s first edition of his book Financial Concepts I: Methods, Formulas, and Exercises.

First off, as a lay reader (no formal education in finance), this book was relatively easy to follow. Similar to a statistics book, it builds upon basic concepts to address more advance topics/formulas in later chapters.

It has relatable examples that help you understand key concepts and how you can relate them to personal finance, investment, and business decisions.

The few things I would like to see in an updated version is a glossary of key terms/variables. As a novice, when reviewing more advance topics or referring back to calculations I found myself having to use a considerable amount of time to search the body for these terms.

Another helpful update would be to go through some examples of how to pull this information from stock reports, annuity quotes, etc to help you see how you would find variables that would be used to perform your analyses.

Overall, Mr. Acosta does an excellent job of presenting these concepts in an easy to read and follow format. He also provides you with the reasoning behind various formulas and gives you an opportunity to apply them through examples and a self test. This concise book is worth picking up for anyone interested in an approachable primer to key financial concepts and formulas or as a quick reference for the more advance investor. If you are interested in the checking out the book, there is a link on the image of the book below.


In the interest of full disclosure, I will receive some sort of loyalty from amazon if you purchase the book through this link. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.


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